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Stolen Night-AU Human

Hello everyone. This is my entry for the first time fic challenge at darker_spike. I hope you won't mind me cross posting it here. It's a rather shameless self pimpage. I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Title: "Stolen Night"

Pairing: Spangel

Rating: NC-17

Beta'd by: The wonderful and talentedspankspike without her, I think anyone who'll read this will get a headache. I also dedicate this to her because she's truly fantastic and a darling. Thank you once again. *smooches*


I'm nervous as I watched him in the rear view mirror, giving him a once over. He is nothing like the picture he'd sent me. The picture seems dull compared to the figure sitting beside me. His cerulean eyes are for more alive and inviting, though I can see him shying away from me. I can feel every part of him drawing me near but I'm afraid - afraid that if I let myself go, I'll lose it. I'll lose it to him.

We'd both decided to end whatever we had started two months ago in the chat room. One night is all we'd ever committed ourselves to. After that we'd forget each other, move on with our lives. I'm with someone. I know that. He knows that. Even though, the relationship is an unfulfilling one. It's one of the reasons why I want this to end, before it gets too serious for me. I have to end it. Can't risk hurting anyone, because I know it's bound to happen.

Silently we move to his room at the hotel near our meeting place. He gives me a nervous smile before he opens the door. There's no expectation of sex-we both agreed to that. We'll just see where the night take us.

He goes straight to the mini fridge to get something to calm our nerves. God I need it badly. I can feel myself shaking inside and the sight of him slightly bent over is not helping to calm my nerves. His pert bottom is outlined deliciously in his pants and I can feel myself gettig hard as my mouth suddenly becomes dry. He gives me the glass of whiskey and settles down beside me. I take the offered glass and gulp it in one shot. It seems to make me relax for a little. When I look at him, he gives me this nervous laugh, the one he seems to always make when I look at him.  He casts his eyes on the floor and I know he's nervous. The gestures only make my heart thump wildly and my cock stiffens further.

The knowledge that he's never had a man before further excites me and scares me at the same time. Scared? It's a foreign word for me to use in this situation. One thing I know is how to fuck, but he just turn something inside me - something that leaves me feeling unsure. I've never felt this before - even with my past lovers. I don't know why he's somehow different from all of the others.

I gently cup his face, brushing my thumb over his prominent cheekbone, making circular patterns to ease his nervous state. I watch him slowly close his eyes and lean slightly into my touch. I know he's waiting for the kiss - our first kiss. I gently close my eyes, mimicking him, as I softly kiss him. I nip lightly at his lips, feeling how soft his feel pressed between my own. A moan escapes his lips and as I become braver and bolder I begin seeking access to his sweet mouth. Flicking my tongue out, I can feel him parting his lips. I know what we both want at this moment and its nothing slow. We've both waited for two months for this and slow and steady will simply not sate our hunger. I wrap my finger in his blonde locks to get a better hold on him. I don't want even a smallest distance between us. I can feel him lock his hands behind my neck, urging me to continue my ministrations and assaults on his lips.

Once I receive the permission I demand, I ravage his mouth - tasting him and devouring him whole. He tastes sweet, so sweet it makes me ache inside and I know I could kiss him all night. I've dreamed of this moment for many nights. Still, it doesn't prepare me for this experience, so different but still familiar at the same time.

God, I don't want to stop...can't stop. A taste is not enough, it'll never be enough now. We're both breathing heavily when he pulls back and looks at me. I'm taken aback by what I see in his eyes, pure unadulterated lust. Being in a half-dead relationship, it's been a long time since I've seen that look. But for tonight, I'm willing to have my fill.       

We both decide to move the action to a more comfortable place. We hurriedly race to the bedroom, laughing like children, taking the comfort we feel from each other. Then the realization hits me-this is all for one night only. My heart which was briefly filled with joy mellows-my shoulders sag as if the weight of the world rests there once more.

I realize that I don't want this to end.

Hw holds my hand and drags me to the bed. He tries to speak to me, but I only place my finger at his lips. Words bound us at the beginning, but tonight they don't matter. I only want our bodies to talk, to simply feel and melt. His confused expression vanishes quickly when it dawns on him what I want. First kissing my finger to tell me he understands me, he then surprises me by licking it. My worries quickly change into lust. I gasp as I feel my finger being swallowed by his hot mouth as he's giving it one heck of a blow job. My already hard cock lengthens more as I watch him. I can feel pre-cum gushing down from my tip, forming a wet patch on my pants.

He never lifts his gaze from mine, fucking me with his eyes and I groan at the sight. He knows I like it; I've told him many times when I send him messages. I quickly take his hand, placing it on my crotch.

"Can you feel it?" I ask, and he only nods. "This is how hard you make me," I whisper to him, my voice too raspy for my taste.

I gently stop him from worshipping my finger. As much as I want the show, I can't wait to see him naked and lay out before me. I see a pout forming on his lips, and I know he didn't want to stop teasing me. I come up with a way to stop the pouting. Leaning in I bit his bottom lip - hard. He makes a sharp cry, but I flick my tongue over and then suck at the assaulted lip. He whimpers, the sound of which only makes me want to ravish him more.

I quickly unbutton his shirt and pants, letting them fall to the floor in a heap. I know I'm rushing  things, but one night is not enough - I know it isn't. I can't blame myself. One stolen night is all we have. Tomorrow he'll fly back to England and I'll go back to my poor excuse for a life. No more e-mails, no more IM, no more web cam sessions, no more phone calls - it'll end tomorrow. Tonight is all we've got and it's all we'll ever have, but maybe that's more than most people get.

I stop to admire his flawless body. The moon only accentuates his alabaster skin, making it look like it's glowing in an ethereal way. I've seen his body in our web cam sessions, but it didn't do justice to what I'm seeing now. I can see him licking his lips and I know he's nervous. He always did do that when he was nervous. I close the distance between us. I can't wait to lick him all over-make him writhe, beg and plead for more. I want to fuck him into oblivion, make him remember it until he gets home. I want to make him ache for more and tell me he's never had it this good. I want...there are so many things I want and it hurts to accept that I can't always have what I want. This is all we'll ever get.

I hold his face with both hands, never faltering in my attention. Making him see the need inside me, the unconquerable thirst for him, so strong it makes me want to cry. I gently kiss him. This time making it slow, trying to engrave it in my memory-I don't want it to become a mindless fuck. I want it to be special for both of us. We've gone so far, if only I could make time stand still just for now-I would.

I can feel him relax against my body, surrendering to my kisses. I can't take my hands off him. I kiss him with new found ardor as I hear his whimpers and moans. I let my hands gently roam over his backside, urging him to get as close to me as possible.

I gently lay him on the bed, never breaking our connection with kisses. I stop to look at him, really look for any possible sign of discomfort. I hate to stop in the middle, but if I know he's not comfortable with this, I'll stop and accept that. If he were like the others, I wouldn't give him this courtesy. But he's not, that's why I'm afraid to push things he's not ready for-no matter if I'll die, if he says no. Oh god, please....

"William..." I don't know why when I say his name it comes out in a breathy and raspy voice-it's just how my tongue automatically says the word.

"Angel..." He replies, with a slight twist of the accent he has. The sound of his husky voice calling my name shoots straight to my already leaking cock.

Our eyes say what our mouths can't and it's the only thing that tells us that we both want it. No we both need this-this connection, this spark. Then the spark blazes. That's all I need right now. I continue the assault on his lips, slowly peppering small kisses down his neck-nipping it lightly, i know that's one of his pleasure spots. I hear his low moans and groans and I know I'm on the right track. I make my way down to his sensitive nipples, biting the left one while I pinch lightly at the right. He's gasping and pleading now, but I know he's coaxing me to continue rather than to stop. I lick my way down to his bellybutton, fucking it with my tongue. I never want to stop, couldn't stop right now. I can feel the tip of his cock below my chin, poking me. I hold it firmly, making it slide up and down while I continue dipping my tongue into his bellybutton.

"Angel...Angel...." I can hear my name trailing softly from his lips. I don't know if he's aware of this or if he's just lost in his lust-fog I know is filling his brain. The sound of my name on his lips makes me want to take him in every position I can imagine-makes me want to fuck his virgin ass, until he can't possibly fly back home.

I look up at him and I know he's ready-but I'm not finished with him yet. Not taking my eyes off his face,  I swallow his beautiful cock to the root. He rewards me with a long groan and a low sob. I flick my tongue at his bulbous head, collecting pre-cum and spreading it over his shaft. He tastes so good. I can feel him reach up for my hair massaging it. I quicken my pace on his cock and I know he can't hold on any longer. He's told me he hadn't been with anyone for a long time, and my heart swelled from his confession. I gently hold his balls, rolling them to intensify the sensation for him. I can feel them tighten up, the only sign that he'son the brink of climax.

"Angel...coming," he stuttered and I quicken my pace again. I let him fuck my face; usng it for his own pleasure as I deep throat him and hum around his cock. That does it, send him over the edge and he comes. Copious amount of come shoots into my mouth, flooding my throat. I'm only too happy to gulp it down, not wanting a drop to escape - with my years of practice; I know I won't let that happen.

He lay panting on the bed, after his orgasm-but I know it won't be his last. I've got one more thing to show him. I quickly take my clothes off as they start to suffocate me for the first time since I saw him naked. But it's his pleasure I'm after, not mine. This night belongs to him. I cover him and start kissing  him. Sharing the salty tang of his come that still coats my tongue, i knwo it is the most intimate thing to do and wonder at how right it feels to do this with him.

"Take me...need you..." he leans close to me, breathing the words I only dared to dream of him speaking. That throws me, the raw need in him, broken down into coherent words just to make me understand him. He points me at the table beside the bed. The lube and a pack of condoms are already there. Did he plan all this?

As if on cue..."It doesn't hurt to expect the unexpected," he told me cheekily. I could easily fall for that remark, but the moonlight show me his eyes. They reflect the uncertainty of all this, just like mine.

I quickly grab the items. He takes the condom and tears open its foil wrapper. He holds my aching shaft and starts to fist it. I groan and thrust into his hand, but I still him. I've been hard since I saw him bending over at the mini-fridge, just a little more pressure and I'll come before I get inside him. The glint in his eyes tells me that he's playing with me. I growl at him, lunging for a more searing kiss. I open the cap of the lube  and coat my fingers in it. As much as I want to plunder his ass, I want to make him enjoy it as well.

He's already pliant; laid out and open for me. He offers no resistance whatsoever  and that makes me groan. I push my finger slowly inside him and he accepts it unresistingly. He's so smooth and tight, and my arousal shoots to another level.  I can't wait to fuck him. I add another finger and that one slides inside him as smoothly as the first one did.  I can hear him groan and plead again and I look up at him to see if there is any discomfort or if  he wants to stop this. The idea of him wanting to stop makes me pray silently, Please, let him be alright with this. Even if I wanted to stop, I know I can't now - I know I won't. I know that I said I'd stop if I saw him becoming uncomfortable with this - but how can I stop when I've had a taste...a taste of heaven in him? I realize that I'm a lying fool to have thought that one night could ever be enough for either of us.

All my worries and pleas vanish when I see him unresisting, so accepting and inviting. I have never seen such a beautiful sight and I don't think I'll ever see a more beautiful one after this. No one will be able to compare to the perfection in front of me. Everything will be dull in comparison to him.

I slowly position  my cock at his entrance. I can feel the tight ring parting for me, embracing me with warmth and gripping me oh so tightly. We both gasped at the effect of all of this as I try to steady my breathing. I've never been gripped so tightly before. I don't think I'll last if I give in to this sensation. My head is swimming....

I'm so lost. I can't  let him go...I don't want to but I have to...Oh God, help me....

Tears form in my eyes as I pound him hard. I can't feel any resistance in him. He just takes all my thrusts and follows my rhythm without hesitation. I pull out and motion for him to get on his knees. Not really trying to get a better position for both of us, but I know I can't have him see me crying. I'll lose my connection with him if that happens. I start to fuck him again, but much more slowly than the first time. I want to revel the feeling of him surrounding me. My tears continue to flow, I let them. It's the first time I've cried over him but I know it won't be the last.

His knees are shaking with the pounding I'm giving him. I can feel he'll collapse any minute now. I support his weight by circling my arms around him. Sweat to sweat, our bodies entwined - heading for the climax of our last dance. He looks back at me with eyes blazing with heat, lust and something I dare not name. He's so beautiful right here, so right in this place that my heart just dies a tiny death. That throws me over the edge and my pent-up orgasm jsut comes in tidal waves. I grasp at  his forgotten cock and speed up my stroking. I want him to come with me, to share the only thing we can have for this night. He throws his head at my shoulder and I know he's close like me. I feel the hot spurt of his seed over my hand, coating me - and I love it. The fact that he reached his orgasm before me makes me go wild. I try to muffle my scream by biting his neck, which brings him another quick and almost painful orgasm.

We collapse in heap on the bed - too tired to move, but I need to. Sometimes we just need to do things, not because we want to but because we have to. I feel him snuggle beside me, his head just above my heart that is thumping wildly at its cage and I'm elated for the first time. I can feel him already dozing; his body seems not to have adjusted to our time. I fiddle with his hair and can't resist the urge to smell and kiss it. The fresh scent of his shampoo makes me calm, a feeling I never thought I'd get to have with him. I pull him closer to me. I didn't want to let him go...but I need to. No I have to. There's a big difference there.

Looking up at the ceiling, I know now that I'm in love with him. God, I love him. For two months, I've been avoiding using the name for it. There's no chance for us. I know it. He knows it. I thought I could want it without ever feeling the the need to have it.

Whoever said that wanting it is better than never having it? That's all a bunch of shit.

My cell phone rings and it's him - it's Lindsey. I'm torn apart, trying to decide if I'll answer it or not. Looking at William, I choose not to. It's like I'm cheating on him with Lindsey. I know Lindsey is my boyfriend, but William holds my heart. But I know that a love like ours can never be. I've been with someone for seven years. It'll break him. I'll never forgive myself, if something happens to Lindsey. God knows, all I give him is suffering. "Not another one," I promised before.

I wrap my arms around William and cry. I cry for my helplessness in this situation. I cry for the things that could've been, things that are leaving me always yearning for for more. I cry for regret, the biggest regret of my life- and I cry for William. I know I'm already lost. I know that tomorrow when he leaves, he'll take my heart with him. A part of me will die, all that will be left of me is just a shell; empty and hollow.






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