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Stolen Night-AU Human

Hello everyone. This is my entry for the first time fic challenge at darker_spike. I hope you won't mind me cross posting it here. It's a rather shameless self pimpage. I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Title: "Stolen Night"

Pairing: Spangel

Rating: NC-17

Beta'd by: The wonderful and talentedspankspike without her, I think anyone who'll read this will get a headache. I also dedicate this to her because she's truly fantastic and a darling. Thank you once again. *smooches*


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Public service announcement... j/k! *g*

Hey, ya'll. Just wanted to post a message and let you all know that The Stacks will be closing down. I know, I know. We were only open for a month or so, but life has thrown Em and I some real curveballs lately and we don't have the time we did before to run this thing. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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Final Reminder

This is your final reminder to get your fics in for this month. All entries are due by midnight PST. Please review the post and subject line formats before posting, and hurry! :D
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Mod's Challenge: Emella's Challenge: Girl!Xander

Title: Mangled Spells and Manly Bits
Author: LitGal
Category: Emella's Challenge: Girl!Xander
Rating: R
Pairing: Xander/Spike

Summary: Willow's love spell for Spike goes horribly, horribly wrong, and Xander finds himself paying the price.

Warning: psuedo-het

For all those who didn't think this fic ended well, go to Bloodclaim for the WIP sequel: Mangled Spells and Girly Bits

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco
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Hey guys! Here are this month's challenges! Have fun and remember, you can write one story for each challenge.

All challenge stories are due by Saturday March, 19th at 12 am PST. Please also remember the correct story and subject line formats, for more info on this, see the userinfo.

The challenges:

Challenge suggested by: spikedluv
Challenge: “I’m sorry!”
Rules of Challenge: none
Request for challenge: none

Challenge suggested by: lit_gal
Challenge: Xander's Work Day (any job)
Rules of Challenge: none
Requests: Xander trying to be a good employee and a good Scooby at the same time

People's Choice(No vote due to only one suggestion):
Challenge suggested by: spikedluv
Challenge: Explain why Xander hated Angel
Rules of Challenge: Can take place pre-Buffy season one.
Request for challenge: R rating at least

Challenge suggested by: cadence_k
Challenge: Pairing: Faith/Dawn
Rules of Challenge: none
Request for challenge: none

Challenge suggested by: dawnie1970
Challenge: blood drinking (bloodplay)
Rules of Challenge: none
Request for challenge: none

Mod's Challenge:

DollyDani's Challenge:
Challenge suggested by: spikedluv
Challenge: hyena!Xander
Rules of Challenge: season 4
Request for challenge: the hyena comes out to play because Xander has to protect his pack (from the Initiative, Spike, Harmony *g*, or whomever you choose as the 'big bad', which can be a completely fanon ‘big bad’)

Emella's Challenge:
Challenge: Girl!Xander
Rules of Challenge: X/S, X/Angel, or X/oz
Request for challenge: told from Xander's P.O.V.


Have Fun!
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Supernatural - Castiel fresco
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Hey, Just a reminder to post your challenge suggestions! All People's Choice Challenge suggestions are due by 12 am EST.

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