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The Stacks

Come and Join the Fest!

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Welcome to The Stacks!

The Stacks is a monthly slash fiction Fuh-Q-Fest involving the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series. Slash fiction meaning male/male or female/female fiction. If this squicks you or disagrees with you, please leave. One huge rule with the community is No Het! As a main pairing, anyway.

How it Works:

On the 1st of every month we will ask for challenge suggestions. By the 7th we will post one challenge for each category. Everyone will have until the 19th at midnight pacific standard time to post their stories. Then you will have between the 19th and the 28th to read and vote. The votes will be tallied and we will announce the winners on the 29th.

There are five categories in which you can suggest challenges for; Kink, Theme, Prompt, Pairing, People's Choice, and Mod's Choice.

Kink has to do with any strange or unusual kink: Vamping someone, BDSM, Voyeurism. etc.
Theme has to do with the genre of the story: Shmoop, AU, Future fic. etc.
Prompt is a challenge involving a word or words: 'Breakfast', 'Whining', Electric' etc.
Pairing will have to do with a certain pairing: It can be anything from Willow/Tara to Lorne/Angel.
People's Choice will be any challenge under the sun: Anything you want to see you can post by the 4th of every month, and on the 5th everyone will vote for their favorite challenge.
Mod's Choice will be any challenge we, Emella or DollyDani want to see: It could be someone else's challenge or one of our own.

When posting a challenge, Post your challenge under the appropriate Category thread and please use the following format:

User Posting the Challenge: (your LJ username; and if you want, your reg. name)
Challenge: (The basic idea)
Rules of Challenge: (You can, if you wish, make rules for your challenge. [ie; No BDSM, or Wes/Gunn])
Request for challenge: (You may request something in your challenge. [ie; Spander or a certain kink])

Note: When writing for a challenge, you MUST follow the rules of the challenge, however you DON'T HAVE to do the request.

You may only post three challenges per category!

Writing/Posting Stories:

Because there are enough drabble communities out there, all stories must me at least 1,000 words long(roughly 3-4 pages with some dialog.). Max. is five chapters, or the equivilant of 20,000 words.(roughly 40 pages). If you have any questions about this, feel free to e-mail us at: Emella(kevy_s__girl@hotmail.com) or DollyDani(silvana2003@hotmail.com).

Note: If it's like a couple words under or over we aren't going to care. Just so it's not more than a few.

When posting a story please enter the following information into your subject line:

Title Chapter(1/1) - Challenge Month/Year - Category. (Example: My Story (1/3) - Oct/05 - Theme)

All stories must have cut-tags! For information on this go here.

Also, please post the following BEFORE your cut-tag:


Please also re-state the challenge, or link to the challenge after your cu-tag.

If you have any questions about the community or the rules check out the FAQ. Or add to it.

Note: If you have general slash or story related Buffy or Angel questions, feel free to ask them.

Thanks and remember, Have Fun!

Disclaimer: We, the members of The Stacks, do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel: The Series or anything associated thereof. They belong to the great and powerful Joss Whedon, the WB, et al. We are not making any money off this, if anything we're expending our own valuable time and money on this. But it's fun!

Mods: umbralillium and emella

All graphics used in this community were created by dollydani or Emella. If they were not made by us, we would be using proper credit. Please only take the lj icon or the banner for linking. The background for 'The Stacks' was made with several brushes from the websites listed in this post. Please credit them for the brushes, Thanks!

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